Daddy’s boy.

My boy!” That is what daddy always call you,you are fascinated by that, the thought of been a daddy’s boy makes you feel boundless because there is nothing you asked for that is not given to you,even if you asked for the world dad would give you. “you are spoiling this boy!” mum would always complain but that is the worst she could do” he is my only male child,honey the money is there ‘he will pause “money is not my problem but how to spend it’ he would always conclude laughing,mum would continue murmuring but that change nothing because dad made you feel boundless,unlimited and of course a Daddy’s boy.

It continued like this, sometimes you would steal daddy’s money to buy tramol, solution,cigarette and alcoholic drinks but dad always applaud you for doing that and always remarks ”you are a smart boy,you are truly your father’s son, They money is there spend it”. This reassured you that you were right so you continued till you graduated from secondary school,dad was proud of you,of course mum had no choice but to be. Your friends always hail you,Moses is your best because he knew the fun and how to have it,he introduce you to all your so called fun habits,chasing girls,drug taking,clubbing and now gayism.
There was this evening you rapped your younger sister due to alcoholic influence .mum was bittered she wept bitterly but dad as usual told you not to worry about it no one would know. He told you how happy he was because you were now a man he didn’t bother what you do to become the so-called man. Sarah your sister was sad but dad cared less,he is an Igbo man and a traditional person despite his civilization he believed the girl child was worth nothing “I only have a child and that is my boy” he would say and you will laugh sheepishly.
”Guy you need more money, i mean we can barely have fun now” moses said that evening,you were very furious,that guy at the bar made a mockery of you because you couldn’t foot your bills. ”But what are my suppose to do?”you asked no one in particular ”dad has refused to give me money ”you added embittered,”I have an idea for you” moses whispered with a mysterious smile.” You know if dad is not alive you could have all his money to yourself and… “Of course am his next of kin and moreover dad wont die now” you interrupted”.Guy calm down first”he flare-up ,”you need to end your father’s life so that you can have his money” he concluded,you were dumb founded”guy think about it” he added further passing you a bottle of Tramol which you accepted without asking him where he got the money. You gulped almost five bottles of it along side other substances ,you were drunk Moses managed to lead you home when you got to your gate he gave you something wrapped in brown handkerchief and you bided him Farewell.
When you got home dad was sitting at the parlor,you wanted to head straight for your room but your steps were failing you because you were drunk “aha! My boy ,don’t tell me this is Moses’ hand work” dad said as he reached out his hands to assist you,”you need to rest,you must be very tired”you smiled as dad spoke .

As you sat on your bed so many things were running through your mind,the thought of how rich you would be if you eliminated your father but you were very foolish not to think of the Repercussion. you reached out for the handkerchief you managed to hide from dad and that was it,you wanted everything I mean the money,the cars… you deserved it because you were daddy’s boy and now was the right time to get them. You went straight to the parlor where he was sitting and shot him.
Dad was lying lifeless just in front of you,just then mum barged in from no where it seems she heard the sound of the gun shot,immediately she saw dad lying in a pool of blood she started screaming, “hai! he has killed him ooo, I knew this day would come and I warned him ah! ah! honey wake up talk to me” She kept shaking dad as she cried “no! ah what have you done?” She asked you,you where dumb founded. That was when your eyes began to clear. Mum had a black out just then neighbors began rushing in,You were still standing there with the gun in the brown handkerchief, that handkerchief Moses gave you earlier. You could not understand what was happening but everything was fast,before you knew it you were arraigned before the court,after few weeks you were found guilty and a death sentence was passed on you.

As you awaited your execution each day that passed by became more frightening to you as it brings you closer to your grave and left you with regret,you regretted everything, even the fact you were a daddy’s boy,you regretted your so called fun habit and of course hated Moses. you blamed dad for everything” if only he had not spoiled me ,if only he had corrected me and told me I was wrong,He thought he loved me and was given me the best but he was wrong,I regretted having him as a father,I …”. You couldn’t help but to sob bitterly but it was too late as it would always be said” it is too late to cry when the head has been cut off”. Now you live each day in your greatest fear and regret waiting for your execution and your doom. Until that day came,you were not scared anymore”say your final word and prayer ” the executor commanded. You cleared your through and sighed “I just want you to help me pass this message.

“parent ensure you bring up your child properly. Discipline and right parental upbringing is the best gift you can give your child,spoiling the child does not show how much you love him,believe me that child would hate you for rest of his or her life when he grows up. I hate my dad so much, I hate him and wish I meet him in hell,where Daddy’s boy is going”.

Published by faithakatiki

Faith Joseph is a Nigerian Citizen, a Personal Development Blogger and a young social development champion and a Lawyer by Profession. Akatiki is an lover of all forms of expressive art and has excelled in performing various. She is a passionate Writer and an Activist, she believes strongly in gender equity and holds the view that rather than being treated as male or female, we should be treated as humans irrespective of gender and make the world a better place for all.

3 thoughts on “Daddy’s boy.

  1. This story line really inspired me and gave me reason why I should make sure i define my role as a father some days to come. Most often in our society, parent know their parental responsibility and also the implication of sure to the immediate family and the community at large.

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