Am The Reflection Of My Own Self.

Aha! Where is your dad now?,Where are all the promises that was made to you?,where is your dream,your career,where are those people whom you were their mentors? .you who was every child’s,woman and peers dream has become an object of pity. everything disappeared in a flash, you who had everything can barely feed yourself ,you who wanted to help others, now can’t even help yourself, you are at the mercy of the people around you. Hmmmmm! How would you still paint those beautiful pictures again and how would you even carry out operations. what a hopeless, crumbled and shattered life,the light in your life has been replaced with darkness, you are now a shadow of yourself,a reflection of yourself and your reality has made you far from whom you wanted to be.

Being a secondary school graduate is one among the so many things you had plans to achieve, it was not a surprise you came out with one of the best results in the country”if Albert Einstein had a twin brother then it will be you”people will always remark teasing you, your glowing young skin and your captivating smile was something that could light a room if there where to be an eclipse,you where every child’s dream “can’t you see how Michael is?” They would make reference to you”he is very smart, hardworking and of good character so be like him”.you would always smile of course who won’t, you where already making impact and you where proud of yourself and so were your parents,you had parents everyone would admire they where ready to sponsor you to the ends of the earth.

Being a young doctor was your dream too,you want to have a hospital of your own Ben Carson is your mentor,your dream is to help people in poor health conditions. so as soon as you graduated you where admitted into the university of Jos to study medicine on scholarship of course who won’t offered that after seeing your results. It was not quite long before the university started feeling your impact ,you where the best in your faculty,you always represented your faculty in various conferences, symposiums and competitions. Everyone knew you would be great,” there is no limit to the places you would go” people would always say so you decided to work harder, people are looking up to you and you were not ready to let them down. the last time you went for conference in India, the management of one of the biggest hospital in India pledge to offer you employment to work with them as soon as you finished your studies that aside the fact you already have a first class result was a green light that if you maintained it you would be withheld to lecture and you had already started working some research project with your lecturers on the treatment of chronic cancer of course you brought the idea. on a personal assessment you were satisfied and somewhat fulfilled. they dream of every child you where, the dream of your peers too. you had a life every single person on earth would like to have.

Oh! I almost forgot your passion you love the art,when you draw or paint one could literally see life in the work, your expression was something outside this planet although you wanted to be a doctor you still found time to draw at your leisure time. I remember the last portrait you painted it was as if the man was alive his grin and smiles where real it was as if one could hear him speak. you where gifted of course the book gifted hands describes you so well. I also remember you said you where going into politics someday it suit you well ,who won’t vote you considering your personality even if you were to contest for president in America people would vote you base on your personality. You have everything it takes the; Strength,intelligence,charisma and to crown it all you where a handsome young man.

I remember how many times you would get upset and complain about girls sending love letters and some even meeting you one on one to beg you to go into relationship with them,you could pick any one you wanted but you where still single because you knew the kind of family you wanted for yourself you wanted your family to be everyone dream of course you wanted a beautiful wife ,you are handsome so you deserved it I mean the height, the facial features…,you had big dreams for your life,you’ve got talent,ambition, patience,determination and persistence and that was all you needed.

Taking the family out was one of your father’s priority,dad this time decided to do something different this time so he took the family for a week camping in Sharatoon hotel you felt so great he even gave you a surprise gift just to say how proud he was of the man you were growing up into and you were flattered “am so proud of you my son,I and your mum truly are,I will make sure I give you everything you want” that was your dad’s exact words. the camping was wonderful who won’t enjoy spending this time with his adorable family. you and your only sister enjoyed it because it was a reunion for the both of you “you don’t always have time for me…” She would always complain,during the camping you made sure you made it up to her,you spoilt her with mostly accessories.

Your journey back from the camp was awesome at first,it was Stanley your dad’s driver that drove the car of course everyone was excited until until … You had a blackout just to wake up in the hospital emergency room beside your parent’s lifeless body, before you could understand what was happening a team of nurses came and took their bodies to the mortuary I guess,just then you had a blackout again,maybe this time because you couldn’t believe what you were seeing. you guys had an accident and it has cost the life of your parents.

Its been six months since that incident happened the fact you are alive today its a miracle your sister is alive after going through several surgeries. yours was something that was terrifying, you yourself is yet to accept the bitter truth which is the reality of your life. you had to live on oxygen for almost five month before you regained consciousness dad’s assets were sold to keep you and your sister alive,silly nonsense it sounded to you but that is the reality you cannot shy away from. The worst part of it,the one that has crumbled and shattered your life,your dream, your expectations… Is the fact that your hands and legs were amputated as a result of the accident .

The truth is you should appreciate God for where and how you are. use any slight opportunities you get while you still can and stop procrastinating. One of the crucial thing about life is time any time that passes cannot be reverse. Appreciate God for how you are and be humble because that blind,cripple, deaf,dumb and that man in oxygen in the hospital also had amazing dreams.

Published by faithakatiki

Faith Joseph is a Nigerian Citizen, a Personal Development Blogger and a young social development champion and a Lawyer by Profession. Akatiki is an lover of all forms of expressive art and has excelled in performing various. She is a passionate Writer and an Activist, she believes strongly in gender equity and holds the view that rather than being treated as male or female, we should be treated as humans irrespective of gender and make the world a better place for all.

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