“Tenacity(my experience)”

sitting in a comfortable car sway me to share this little experience of mine.Just few days back i barely could climb a public transport because i was not having enough money,i had to travel in a car whose chairs are not even soft,i had to spend unjustified hours because we had to stop severally to repair the car,the vibration of the car was more than an earthquake and the heat was more than that of an oven, it was that bad,”infact if you climb that car for two weeks you will turn legpa”my feet ache,my back ached so did my waist and head but i beared it because i wanted to get to my destination And knew there was comfort where i was going to, at a pointed i thought of evacuating the car but i reassured my self i will soon get there and though it was difficult i arrived at my destination,I was patient, determined and persistent.

Today here are my sitting in a comfortable jeep,feeling comfortable,not having to suffer any discomfort at all, with air conditioner everywhere and the seats are of course soft.so you see same applies to life generally,it doesn’t matter where you are now,it doesn’t matter the fact you can barely even feed,pay your fee in a public school and doesn’t matter the fact you can’t even afford okrika or tokumbo today.if only you would know where you are going to and be focused and determined then you would get there,it doesn’t matter how far it is, if you are patient you will get there,I mean your place of comfort and luxery.

you need to apply to know your destination, purpose or dream, you can’t just float through life and expect your dreams to happen to you.trust me if you discover your dreams you would be discipline, because you automatically know where you are heading to but if you don’t ,you would be tossed around by anyone even the wind of life would toss you, be your self if you follow other people you would sure end up in their destination and there would end up being an accompanist or a visitor.

It doesn’t matter how it is,it doesn’t matter the fact life seem difficult,it doesn’t matter That everything seems to be working against you . don’t give up, don’t be discouraged.though it tarries, though it lingers, though it seems as if doors aren’t opening and the money’s not coming in and nothing is going right.wait for it.it will surely come to pass.If nobody else cares God does and that is all that matters,so you are not alone.

Published by faithakatiki

Faith Joseph is a Nigerian Citizen, a Personal Development Blogger and a young social development champion and a Lawyer by Profession. Akatiki is an lover of all forms of expressive art and has excelled in performing various. She is a passionate Writer and an Activist, she believes strongly in gender equity and holds the view that rather than being treated as male or female, we should be treated as humans irrespective of gender and make the world a better place for all.

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