Dark Valantine( unforgettable experience)

I stood right in front of my mirror looking at my reflection, I couldn’t believe I was finally going to meet this awesome person,i praised God for this day because it gave me an opportunity to finally meet him in person,i hurriedly readjusted my gown,about the gown am wearing,am a lover of fashion so I made sure I slayed it,it’s a rose red gown of course since it is a Valentine’s day, it’s neatly Splitted from my thigh downward,i made sure my cleavage was well visible,it’s a fitted,that’s because the gentle man wanted me to show him love and you know,me I no go dull nah because I understand quite well what he meant, at least that is the only gift I could offer on this special day or would I say lover’s day,personally I believe that’s the only love that existed on this sweet and evil day. I immediately had a touch up on my makeup and off I went to no other place but Mingles, for some reason that was where he wanted us to meet.

The captivating beauty of they places around caught my attention,the sparkling red and crystals that were in almost every shop, hotel, joint and suites are also amazing,the sight of people in those joint, suite, eateries and hotels are beautiful. People there were all in two’s, I just smiled sheepishly because I knew I was going to have the same fun that day…

In less than 15 minutes I was there,i mean right in front of Mingles…. I immediately paid off the bike man and you know the lady thing I readjusted my makeup and then my gown and if you care to know again,I slayed it and was looking just the way I wanted, sexy, beautiful and ready to…just then my phone rang,I quickly picked my phone and it was just as I expected. “hello my sugar are you there already?”the masculine seemingly aged voice asked,”yeah Bea am at the entrance”I answered with a smile,”OK, I will send someone to get you right away, when he gets there he will call you”,”OK” I murmured a bit gloomy and disappointed,so many questions kept running through my mind, the fact he said everything was going to be in the dark and the fact he hasn’t uploaded his pictures all this while for me to see,but why will someone want to hide his identity? I thought disappointed,”he’s creepy” I murmured ,anyway am not going to let this bother me,i don’t even feel a pin for him,all I want is to have fun and if he likes he should wear mask,its his money am grabbing…in few minutes the guy called and he led me to were my Bea was sitted,I walk to him and we exchanged pleasantries,sha the guy take style old oooo but you know the girl thing, I still called him baby and I was his sugar and about my look he kept commenting, he couldn’t help it of course who would?.

We headed for the room he logged for us,ehmmmm! the room I can’t describe really because it was dark,but just as I expected the man was so romantic,he ordered stuff for us, talking about things I choose my self,”so romantic”I thought, “that my broke ass boyfriend can’t even do a thing like this for me,is it not a man like him that is doing this for me now?” I asked no one in particular…”sugar are you alright?”, “yeah”I answered trying to gather my thoughts, “just thinking about you and how awesome you are” I added with a smile.”you know I will do anything for you he said as he kissed me on my forehead then on my lips and he proceeded.”baby?”I interrupted reluctantly”what is it sugar?” he asked a bit disappointed,”am just scared because you wont let me see your face”i murmured ,”that’s not a problem, okay after this I will let you see my face”.He promised ,at least this made me feel better and so I let him and…

After the whole thing, I was a bit not comfortable but I reassured my self that it’s a normal thing on a Valentine’s day “lover’s day”, a day where lovers show love and we both showed each other love and that was all that matters, I smiled and proceeded to serve the stuffs we ordered, I was so excited, of course it was everything I ever wanted and even more you Know.”That’s the type of man I want not that broke ass that calls himself my guy”,I thought sheepishly as I sipped my glass of Toma wine to flush the pizza down,afterwards getting ready go home with the take away he bought for me, awnnnnn! So sweet of him I thought .”baby? ” I called out softly, “you said you were going to show me your face”I concluded reluctantly,”you really want to see the face ?”, “of course”i answered expectant. The man laughed loudly for a While, i was now confused and terrified,the man is creepy and scary, i thought petrified,that is the time they “what ifs” started occurring to me,what if he was a ritualist or something or even…”its me Austin”he said casually, “Austin ?, I mean do I know you anywhere else ?”,he seemed comfortable but i wasn’t, i mean why should I, just immediately he took out his phone from his pocket,on his flash light and flashed it on his face.”Oh my God!”, i said gutted. I began to cry, I was burning with so much rage and furry at the same time terrified,”you this bastard!,you son of a bitch!”,I cried out as i started rendering blows on him,”you dirty big ! “i tried hitting him the more but he grabbed my hands,”let go of me!!”,I yelled.”listen to me”,he said as I sobbed embittered,”you know, i have always loved you since when you were a Child,i knew that you would be a fine lady,i mean look at you”,he laughed sarcastically i thought,”why do you think i was buying all those gift for you? but you proved stubborn and…”,”for Christ sake you are suppose to be my daddy’s friend,his best friend,he trust you and…”, “please! just stop acting like one Mary,did i force you to Come here or did i rape you ?” he asked rhetorically, “after all you are not even a Virgin,so what is the…”,”you dirty bastard”I flew furiously that before i could realize it,I had already used the bottle of wine on his head and he slumped almost immediately,blood was gushing out from his head,i began quivering, I had goose bumps all over my body with my eyes wide open. I immediately packed everything I had and ran for my life making sure no one had sighted me.

Today is 16th February but I have not yet recovered from the shock,i couldn’t even share my ordeal with anyone, I realised numbly I have entered a new phase of life ,a phase so painful. I have no clue of what is going to happen to me next but I know it’s either I end up in prison or…,but whatever happens, I know I have this scar so boldly that I am going to be HIV positive for life and that this Valentine was one I would never recover from. I am full of regret, “what if I had just hang out with my friends that day or what if I was contented with my own boyfriend? but no I wasn’t because I always wanted more, I sobbed bitterly now,you know regret is meant to be felt but it changes nothing.

Published by faithakatiki

Faith Joseph is a Nigerian Citizen, a Personal Development Blogger and a young social development champion and a Lawyer by Profession. Akatiki is an lover of all forms of expressive art and has excelled in performing various. She is a passionate Writer and an Activist, she believes strongly in gender equity and holds the view that rather than being treated as male or female, we should be treated as humans irrespective of gender and make the world a better place for all.

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