My Mother’s Husband

“Please help me” she called out with a feint hysterical voice, “I wish someone would save me she whispered” but no one heard because she was calling out only in her head, it was a cry only for the mind, her world has grown so dark, she was like a child in an abandoned thick cabin at the corner of this large world. She was in a dark room beneath a man, not just an ordinary man but a man who was familiar, familiar in body and in blood; she was his flesh and his own blood. The masculine figure with melanin skin, broad chest, broad face and thick lips have been persistently taking her to his shattered bed, shattered of this evil act.

Once he was done, he pulled up the Zip in his faded jean which was a moment ago almost falling off his knee, he hissed and slammed the door behind him. The poor girl on patterned skirt which was below her knees and polo which had inscriptions on it that read “saving the world for better” wished someone would save her too just like in the movies she has watched. She sat on the round abandoned small bed which their relations stayed at during visit with abrasion all over her delicate slim body. From the way it appeared this was not the first time, she was well accustomed with what to do and what not to do, she began to sob quietly placing her hands on her mouth shielding her sobs from his ears, she wanted to put an end to what was happening….He wasn’t just taking her to satisfy his undignified pleasure but he always started that with beatings because she would always fold her hands around her almost flat chest and fold her legs so tightly but like a bull will forcefully use his horn he always went for her making sure he had what he wanted. She was called Kemi, that was the name her grandmother called her before she passed on two years ago…

“Won’t you come out of that room and clean up this place?” he said hostile pushing the plates, books and clothes littered in the sitting room as he sat on the sofa pressing the remote on his dried palm, “and clean up yourself too, your mum is coming back this evening” He added faintly. She wiped continuously the tears that streamed it way down her chin as she made her way to the sitting room then to the kitchen room. When she came back the second time, he held her hand, she shrugged but he held on and placed her on his thighs and began to beg her, he said he loved her and was just showing her how much he does, he also said he wasn’t going to pay her school fee if she told her mum. She just listened, nodding her head in affirmation, unfortunately this time she was determined to let it out, to let everything out to her mum.

On that Friday evening, after much hesitation, Kemi walked up to her mother, who was at the sitting room, “what is the problem?” her mum asked not even raising her head to look at Kemi, she was so engrossed in what she was typing, “Mummy—I—I—want— to tell you something” she stammered, chewing her nails, “go on am listening” her mum said carelessly, with her eyes still fixed on the laptop and book consecutively. Kemi stood there for a while not sure of what to do, it was obvious her mum was not ready to give her the attention she required, so she decided to leave when her mum called out, “come back, you said you had something to tell me”, “yes” Kemi answered disappointed, “then am listening” her mum said and focused on the laptop again. Kemi had no Idea how to start, she had not spoken to her mum about her personal life for as long as she can remember, because her mum never even had the time to sit with her, she was a busy woman, so you won’t blame her, she provided more than half of the income that came into their home.  “mu—–m–my Dad–dy is tou–ching me” she said dragging every word faintly expecting a reaction, Her Mum busted into laughter, turning around to face Kemi, she held her by the shoulder “Kemi I think you should go to your room and sleep” she said still laughing “he is your father Kemi, so you should expect him to touch you okay” She added laughing as whirled around to face the computer. The little girl, who was left standing, was left confused and disappointed, she tried to move her lips but it was so heavy and her eyes heavy in tears too, she just ran to her bed slamming the door behind her and as she sobbed. “Don’t be naughty Kemi, make sure you sleep”, the mum called out. Kemi just kept crying, allowing the tears its freedom, going to bed with her dad was a secret she was going to keep all her life, she couldn’t dare discuss this with her friends, who always talked about how their Daddy buys them so many gifts, still carry them on their back round the house without forcing them to his bed… “Mum does not even care, no one cares…” She sobbed quietly yet more bitterly, with her head still stuck on the pillow…

“Children ba!, Hunny can you believe Kemi met me just to say you were touching her?” Mrs. Laraba, the woman who brought Kemi to this world, said expecting him to laugh, it wasn’t funny to him, at first his heart was racing fast as a power bike…he just cleared his throat. “For crying out loud you are her father, she should expect you to touch her; I really don’t know what type of friends she is keeping at that school”. Her mum lamented this time, we need to change her school I don’t like those girls she call friends, Mr Laraba was indifferent. Kemi who was still on bed was shivering literally, not only did her mum not care but she had succeeded in putting the fish in the cat cage.

Kemi was alone in a world filled with people, as she advanced into teenage hood, her Father had continued this evil act but the new development was she no longer resisted yet she was crumbled, yes it continued like this until…Kemi finally got admitted to a day secondary school because that was what her father wanted, he said he wanted to spend more time with her because he loved her so much, Kemi was indifferent about that because she knew all that pointed only to his bed.

Her isolated life sent people away from her but Mr. Ike was drawn to her by that, he began talking to her and asking questions, Kemi was happy, at last someone cared she thought filled with Joy, all she wanted all along was someone who could see her and may be even hear her, and for her he was all she prayed every night for and she vomited everything to him. “Wow!” Mr Ike was speechless, may be speechless to his wild evil thought, unfortunately for her she met another beast that lived in a human form. Mr Ike pretended to be sober about the whole thing for a while, Kemi was so excited, at least she had someone she could confide in, someone who would not tell her father, someone better than… so she even started following him to his house after school before she goes home, until that unforgettable day, that has buried itself in her life. Kemi as usual followed Mr I.K as she calls him home, when they got there, Kemi at first did not understand his moves that day, when she finally did, she was already cut up in the trap. That was how he forced himself on the young girl.

Kemi’s life ended afresh that day,  there was nobody to cry to, this was another secret she had to keep, Kemi stopped going to school but her dad forced her… until Ike’s result was pasted on her, did I say Ike’s result, maybe it was even her father’s, every day of her life was a day in hell. As a young child, she didn’t understand what was happening as her breast became more bigger, she was always tired, and had several sessions of throwing up, her mum thought she was being lazy and nagged all day until a neighbor called her mother’s attention and that was it…the young girl passed through brimstone and fire, she didn’t know who she was going to mention but she knew her education was over if she mentioned her father so she mentioned her school teacher who denied and mentioned her father… confused she sobbed that day, her mum disappointed sobbed to her face, Kemi hated her mum for that, she hated her for pushing every blame on her while she had her cake of it…

“Abortion is the only option” her mum cried, this was a shame she was not going to bear “I can’t watch her carry this child” her mum said to that their neighbor “What would people say; my colleagues, my women fellowship members, and our neighbor?” “no!!!” she exclaimed I cannot bear this shame and disgrace “Kemi has to get rid of that child”  her mum conclude. She was her mum so Kemi had to do it but her life would never be the same again, she was just like a zombie having to pass through this entire trauma at this young age…

Let! Say No to Child Molestation!!! Let! Say No to Child Incest!!!!

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Faith Joseph is a Nigerian Citizen, a Personal Development Blogger and a young social development champion and a Lawyer by Profession. Akatiki is an lover of all forms of expressive art and has excelled in performing various. She is a passionate Writer and an Activist, she believes strongly in gender equity and holds the view that rather than being treated as male or female, we should be treated as humans irrespective of gender and make the world a better place for all.

5 thoughts on “My Mother’s Husband

  1. So sad. So painful are memories it brings up. My prayers go out and Heart’s hope for loving resolutions for anyone dealing with such monstrous acts. Gods blessings and mine to all.

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  2. Wow this had me so crushed and sad. Unfortunately this is a reality many innocent young girls face. Dear African parent, please listen to your children when they try to tell you something. Child sexual abuse is evil as it is common. We must all take a stand against this evil that threatens to destroy our girls in society. Thanks for this heart-wrenching piece.


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