Silence is Golden but Silence is also Acceptance!!!

My opinion about #Justice for Uwa #Justice for Tina #Justice for Rinji Bala and others

I struggled at first about whether to say a word or continuously ignore the recent happenings; the killing of Rinji by the army, the recent Uwa’s rape and killing and Tina’s killing by a police. The saying Silence is golden” might be true but silent is also acceptance, what we don’t condemn we accept impliedly.  Am sharing my opinion and raising my voice not just because Owa or Tina and so many others whose cases has gone down the drain by our silent acceptance are women  but because they are humans and must be treated as such irrespective of their gender.

A woman has full entitlement to her body just as a man does.

We should be Humanist

Rape and killing of any sort are acts that are grossly inhumane and must not be kept silent, there is no reason whatsoever to rape a woman no matter how she may appear. while we yell and caution our daughters to cover to their necks their body, we must also teach our boy’s self control because a man who can see a 3 year old girl child and loose self control will still loose self control even if a woman covers to the head. The implication of this one sided and bias caution is that first we place the blame of being raped on the woman; by asking questions like what was she doing out at night at the first place or in the church alone or in a man’s house? we point fingers at her for being the cause of her own rape impliedly and secondly it shows that we are raising our Guys/boys to become like dogs  who can go at anyone, I believe our Guys/boys are not dogs or some sort of wild animals so the should also be taught self control and discipline and be thought most importantly that no matter how low a woman’s cloth are or how broad his shoulder is, she has full entitlement to her body just as he does and consent is a language of responsibility.  

While we make so much noise about decency what happened to discipline and self control?

We should be Humanist

Secondly no one has the right to take the life of anyone unlawfully for whatsoever reason no matter who that person is and what he might have done, if such happens, such cases are not to be left unheard or be left to die quietly, raising our voices and creating awareness of such incident are excellent steps but when we are in positions that we can to do more than that to ensure Justice is not just a trend but is served in reality, we must take up such responsibilities and ensure justice is served in it real sense and not just in camera.

Silence is not always golden or else everyone would be slain and when our throat are being slit there would be no one left to speak out for us.

Speaking up is not just a right but an obligation

Silence is not always golden or else everyone would be slain and when our throat are being slit there would be no one left to speak out for us. Just because we are not affected does not give us licence to just pretend nothing is happening. Today is Uwa, Tina, and so many others, tomorrow it might be you or me, imagining if all the beautiful ideas or the dream you have in your head and promising future is been cut short because of someone’s irresponsibility or negligence, I want to ask at that time will silent be golden?

Enough Is Enough, I Am In For Protest - Mercy Aigbe Demands ...

The yelling for justice will be a repeated song in futility if the act itself is not prohibited and the sanctity of the law is not upheld. We must not be silent at such times but must raise our voices to ensure the perpetrators are brought to book no matter who they are not just for justice but also to uphold the law and serve as deterrent to future rapist, killers and so on. Am not saying we should go against the laws and start riots or throw stones at the people in authority but we can use our various platforms and opportunities we have: be it writing, talking or even following up the cases, it takes a lot of courage to speak up but it is not just cowardice to keep quite but it is criminal and acceptance of an act to keep silent.

#JusticeforUwa, #JusticeforTina, #JusticeforRinjiBala, #Justiceforall!!!

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Published by faithakatiki

Faith Joseph is a Nigerian Citizen, a Personal Development Blogger and a young social development champion and a Lawyer by Profession. Akatiki is an lover of all forms of expressive art and has excelled in performing various. She is a passionate Writer and an Activist, she believes strongly in gender equity and holds the view that rather than being treated as male or female, we should be treated as humans irrespective of gender and make the world a better place for all.

13 thoughts on “Silence is Golden but Silence is also Acceptance!!!

  1. Silence though is the best trait but this silence can become our undoing when we rely more on our so called ‘golden’ quality. We’ve to speak out what we want to tell others. Even we’ve to pray to God for the answers to our questions. Regards.

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  2. Well written and articulated.. We must continue to speak against this menace gnawing through the society.
    There got to be a better way to prosecute these issues with stringent punishment.

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