Dry Bones Can Rise Again: Discovering the power lying in your within

There is nothing more frustrating and exhausting than a moment where everything or the vision you pursue so passionately seem dry as a bone, empty and even dead but guess what? God’s plan is not for us to be dry, lifeless and scatterd but his plans for us is that we live a great army and have everything we venture and our life flourish. Wandering how i got to know this? then let me show you?

At first it was something i never understood until i embarked on this enlightening journey i want you to partake in, Journeying through the book of Ezekiel opened my eyes to what God is saying about those dead dreams, dry and hopeless situations in our life. Starting from verse 1

What Do You See?

The lord took hold of me and I was carried away by the Spirit of the lord to a valley filled with bones. He led me all around among the bones that covered the valley floor. They were scattered everywhere across the ground and were completely dried out.

Ezekiel 37-1-2

What image does that create in your mind?

For me is what may seem like a situation of hopelessness and wretchedness. This bones where not just ripped of their flesh but where also dry, imagine a bone that a was bone yet it was dry and not just dried and may be skeleton where you could probably get something to cover but where scatterd all over the place with no form of coordination…this was a glaring hopeless situation for me. And sometimes this is the situations of our lives, there are aspects of our life that has not just been ripped of every result but has gone so dry and hopeless beyond our imagination and it look so dry, helpless that we are forced to conclude that it was definitely a lost cause. Ezekiel was a man full of so many vision he carried and was even said by God to be ordained a man of prophesy and vision even before his birth but at this time the only vision Ezekiel could see was a dry, scattered and hopeless situation.

Dry bones are the ideas, dreams or vision, lying dead in us, deep within our thought; they are those things that didn’t work out how we expected it.


God asked a very interesting question that would normally trigger in me and most people a certain reaction if i was in Ezekiel’s shoes…

Then he asked me, “Son of man, can these bones become living people again?” “O Sovereign Lord,” I replied, “you alone know the answer to that.”

Ezekiel 37:3

Imaging, a question like that in a very frustrating and hopeless situation, for me it will only stir a response of anger and frustration, my answer might probably be: ” God are you trying to mock me or something? or just imagine what the response an Agbero on the street of Lagos would probably be, At-least that is what a natural man will think, sometimes when we have so much hopeless and lifelessness, every confidence and faith we have is ripped off, it was such situation that led John the baptist who confirmed Jesus as the messiah and even baptized Jesus still questioned the validity of Jesus been the Messiah but Jesus never rebuked him, so it’s okay that Sometimes your faith may waver and you are even caused to question the glaring workings of God in your life.

Sometimes, when we are faced with so much hopelessness and lifelessness, every confidence and faith we have is ripped off


One interesting yet baffling thing for me was the response Ezekiel gave;
Imagine been in such a situation? that response was a response of brokenness and total surrender, Ezekiel did not just rely on his vision, limited thought and ability but totally relied on God”s sovereignty, with such faith and brokenness, who wouldn’t change that situation? sometimes we are too focused on our limitations and how much we have tried that we forgets God’s ability, it is not God’s desire to leave you frustrated, down, with everything scattered and so dry, its not his desire that you try so hard to figure everything on your own but he desires that you rely rather on his abilities and who he is for his guidance. God can not step into our situation or that vision you carry until you are broken and ready to totally surrender to him.

sometimes we are too focused on our limitations and how much we have tried so hard that we forgets God’s ability.


Your Dry Bones Will Rise Again

Then he said to me, “Speak a prophetic message to these bones and say, ‘Dry bones, listen to the word of the lord! This is what the Sovereign lord says: Look! I am going to put breath into you and make you live again! I will put flesh and muscles on you and cover you with skin. I will put breath into you, and you will come to life. Then you will know that I am the lord.’”

Ezekiel 37:4-6

Ezekiel, totally surrendered and acknowledge the God sovereignty God only then did he receive a direction. The reward of brokenness is a direction and a way out of what may seem a bleak situation. “A change of outcome comes from a change of our belief”.

The Power in Spoken Words

What you say can change everything

I spoke this message, just as he told me. Suddenly as I spoke, there was a rattling noise all across the valley. The bones of each body came together and attached themselves as complete skeletons.

Ezekiel 37:7

Gods wanted us here to know the power of our words, my questions is what are we speaking into the situations of hopelessness, dryness or the dead ideas, ventures or dreams in our life? you cannot speak hopelessness into a hopeless situation and expect to see hope. Our words are very powerful and have the ability to bring together what ever may seem dry in our life and situation. “God can change your situation but you must be ready to speak.
God made the whole word by his words how much demonstration of the power of words is there compared to this? when Ezekiel spoken to the bones there was a rattling of the bones, then muscles began to grow until it became a body, for any change we desire it beginnings with a change of mindset and then a word. You must begin to speak not just your words or ability but begin to speak to those dry situations, ideas, vision and in your life, say to it what the lord has declared.

God made the whole word by his words how much demonstration of the power of words is there compared to this? for any change we desire to happen it beginnings with a change of mindset and then a word.


God says He honor his word more than his name, He sent his word and his word does not come back void, Gods words through us has the ability to cause change to no matter bleak situation but the problem most times is even though we speak we do not speak with faith and without faith God’s words no matter how powerful it is, we will not experience its manifestation, when you begin to speak God words with faith into a situation you begin to move beyond your imagination and ability, am sure it never did cross Ezekiel that he could bring a bone back to human form. Speak positivity daily into the situations surrounding your life.

Then as I watched, muscles and flesh formed over the bones. Then skin formed to cov.er their bodies, but they still had no breath in them.

Ezekiel 37:8

Even though Ezekiel brought back the bones to a human body, there was no life in it, sometimes after bringing back the various ideas or visions back to a stable form and after putting in every effort we still realize that there is no result, breath here for me is the ability to create result. Even though we have spoken into our situations and have caused a rattling, change and restoration, there where no result, nothing to show that this dry bones, visions have come back to life, this is usually the point in our life when we have friends coming at us with words that may seem a mockery, questioning the validity of what we have earlier spoken with so much believe and confident, most times it is easier at this stage to give up because at this point you feel so embarrassed after speaking so much of that dream, you would probably want to hide and not embarrass yourself by speaking more empty Words but God commanded Ezekiel even at the point of breathlessness to speak, speaking into our situation does not stop at the stage of reviving our visions, ideas or situation, we must speak into our life and vision at every stage of their manifestation until we cause the result to happen.

Then he said to me, “Speak a prophetic message to the winds, son of man. Speak a prophetic message and say, ‘This is what the Sovereign lord says: Come, O breath, from the four winds! Breathe into these dead bodies so they may live again.’ So I spoke the message as he commanded me, and breath came into their bodies. They all came to life and stood up on their feet—a great army.

Then he said to me, “Son of man, these bones represent the people of Israel. They are saying, ‘We have become old, dry bones—all hope is gone. Our nation is finished.’ Therefore, prophesy to them and say, ‘This is what the Sovereign lord says: O my people, I will open your graves of exile and cause you to rise again. Then I will bring you back to the land of Israel.

Ezekiel 37:9-12

speaking into our situation does not stop at the stage of reviving our visions, ideas or situation, we must speak into our life and vision at every stage of its manifestation.


What you must know now

Today I want to challenge you to go back to those ideas, those visions you have left scattered or have probably abandoned and tagged it a lost cause, those things you spoke so much in confidence of but you are now ashamed of because the turned out not what you were expecting, i want you to just like Ezekiel showed us know that no matter how dry the may seem they can rise again and flourish again, i want you to know that dead dreams or situation can produce results because God who has said it in his words and did it does not change, even though our situations has changed this badly and those who mocked you today will gather in amusement to see what God has made of those dreams but all you need to do is to; accept that you can’t do it on your own and your abilities may not take you there, you would have to be broken and surrender to God and also speak life to such situation and cause your situation to listen to the word of God. Most importantly is that it is okay that you wont be on the bright side all the time and you wont get it sometimes but you must continue to trust him as you we walk step by step into achieving those dreams and as you grow through such situations or overcome them.

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17 thoughts on “Dry Bones Can Rise Again: Discovering the power lying in your within

  1. I do agree with all of the ideas you’ve presented in your post. They are very convincing and will certainly work. Still, the posts are too short for newbies. Could you please extend them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.


  2. Wow……. I’m so blessed, trusting God on an issue and on Sunday I was referred to Ezekiel 37. After reading it, I felt spiritually re-energized. Coming across your post, again it was like fire shot in my bones.

    This is timely for me. God bless you and I’m certain Abba would come through for me.

    Thanks sis. Keep being a blessing.


  3. just did a video on dry bones last week from the book of ezekiel and saw your post today, it resonated with me so much faith..well done….if you’d like to check my video please visit my channel by typing thegodminute/sophialorenabenjamin on youtube or i can share a link with your permission. Be blessed.

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  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving some likes; I used them to follow you home. I will follow you also. I notice most of your posts are quite long, so I might do a lot of scanning. My focus is not to good at this time of my life. Thanks for the visit.

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