What if Tomorrow Never Comes?

Have you ever sat and worried about a thing so much that before you realize you have spent so much time just simply worrying? have you had someone made you so angry that you didn’t get to do what you wanted simply because you kept rehearsing what the did wrong and how much it hurts without even realizing that they didn’t even notice you where hurting or have you wished so much to be something you never got to be or do something you always wanted to do because you spent so much time doubting yourself that you never acted?

My answer: Yes I have

I don’t know what your answer is but we all have had such moments at one point or the other in our life, so last year i had so much dreams/plans for my blog, my writing hobby and a lot of it, the year started so well, excited me wrote out neatly what i wanted to do and told my friends how i was going to write until my blood became ink (sounds like poetic lines you know) but that was how excited i was about the year but i never blogged through out the year, so many people would ask why? complex but simply because somehow i felt i was emotionally weighted down, may be depressed or did not have the energy to press forward, before i realized it i had spent the whole year doing almost nothing about the dreams i passionate had initially, i had blogged just once in the whole year…you can imagine and guess what? even at the end of the year i was still emotionally down and never got the motivation i thought i needed that was maybe going to fall miraculously from heaven.

Lesson learnt

Then i realized that our so called down moment would never go way voluntarily, even if the do there are other challenges that would be waiting just like a seedling waiting to spring up, so the bottom line is instead of waiting so long and putting so much to a hold, what if we instead rise above whatever it is we may be dealing with or perceive as obstacle? what if instead of waiting for our environment, the people around to motivate us, what if we become our motivation (simply called the act of being self motivated) you probably may ask why? so what if tomorrow never comes? what if the magical moment we wait for to take the stumbling blocks away never comes? what if when your tomorrow eventually comes you don’t have what it takes to be in it, the breath, the energy or may be the health, what if the perfect timing we so diligently await never comes?

What if it’s Breakout and not Breakthrough?

Instead of waiting for our breakthrough moment when something miraculously happen and everything changes automatically i learnt last year and over years that it is better we breakout, while Breakthrough is define as a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development, a Breakout is a forcible escape, especially from prison or a bondage. Breakthrough comes most times from external intervention while our Breakout comes from our conscious self propelled intervention; coming from our within, you may want to ask why struggle to breakout? it is simply because of the question “what if tomorrow never comes? what if the opportunity, intervention, the perfect timing we wait for never happen and we never get the privilege of getting even out lost opportunities again, We must understand importantly that time itself is a currency which if spent will never be recovered… my motivation to do most things; study hard, carryout an idea, chase a dream or some other things is simply but this most important question ringing in my head “what if tomorrow never comes?”

So while you sit waiting for your perfect moment I want you to have this question in mind and ask yourself daily what if tomorrow never comes? and what if instead of waiting and hoping for a breakthrough, you breakout instead?

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Published by faithakatiki

Faith Joseph is a Nigerian Citizen, a Personal Development Blogger and a young social development champion and a Lawyer by Profession. Akatiki is an lover of all forms of expressive art and has excelled in performing various. She is a passionate Writer and an Activist, she believes strongly in gender equity and holds the view that rather than being treated as male or female, we should be treated as humans irrespective of gender and make the world a better place for all.

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