A Poem to reflect on✨

Dear country men,

We asked for peace
We were shredded to pieces
now we are silent
We became preys
our blood lubricant
to the hunters gun
Like trees fallen in the forest
the Axe has no love for it
even if it claims it transit it_
to a better home

It’s a war!!!
between the classed
cloaked with power
and the classless elite
shield with knowledge
but what sense is knowledge
to the ignorant but a piece
of nonsense!
we have men
who romance this ignorance
and sing it’s praise

our only comfort their veil of deciet
their words are with us
their hearts far apart
justice slumbers
patriotism anthem for the common

We are our only pillars
the only river our sorrows
are drowned
Silence has no price but grieve
the price of cawardice
is the comfort of the grave

we must wear our macrophones again
we must look on each others back to stand
we must make ignorance and sentiment
a distant cousin
We must above all
Sow in our actions
to reap a better land
this is our greatest course
as country men
If we must win!!!🇳🇬
© Akatiki writes

NB: While a lot is happening in this dearest country of ours, what actions are you taking to contribute in making a better Nigeria? Do you even have a PVC?


Published by faithakatiki

Faith Joseph is a Nigerian Citizen, a Personal Development Blogger and a young social development champion and a Lawyer by Profession. Akatiki is an lover of all forms of expressive art and has excelled in performing various. She is a passionate Writer and an Activist, she believes strongly in gender equity and holds the view that rather than being treated as male or female, we should be treated as humans irrespective of gender and make the world a better place for all.

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