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When we stepped into a novel year, we all realize we have no idea what that year holds. We certainly have not traded this path (before) heretofore and fortunately or unfortunately, we don’t get a practice run or a preview.

For most of people, 2020 isn’t what they’ll want to talk about, even in years to come. The excitement of coming into a new year for these people will certainly be taken over by fear of a high magnitude. The rise of covid-19, the lockdown, ASUU strike, #EndSars protest that claimed so many lives, and the recent food- especially onion price hike (a friend will say so tey onion don blown before me)while a lot created humor out of it, these are all big blows to most people.  As a result, a lot of people have their doubts and fears about what the coming year may hold, while others are afraid just for the “sake of being afraid.”

Life teaches us that nothing good comes easy. Matter-of-fact, there’s no real birthing without pangs and pains. For “as soon as Zion travails she brings forth her children.”  what we’ve gone through are certainly labour pains in the process of our birthing of a new year,  if  you’re  one that understands the mystery of times and seasons, a new year is not just a change in calendar, there is more to it.

In Gen. 26:18, life in Gerar was not easy. Every time Isaac would dig a new well, the Philistines would claim it as theirs. In one instance, Isaac named his well Esek, which means “contention.” Another time he dug a well and called it Sitnah, which means “enmity.” What a depressing trend! It seemed like two steps forward and three steps back. He wasn’t making any progress.

But then, Isaac journeyed just a bit farther. Genesis 26:22 says,

And he moved away from there and dug another well, and they did not quarrel over it; so he named it Rehoboth, for he said, At last the Lord has made room for us, and we will be fruitful in the land.

Genesis 26:22

All of us will encounter multiple obstacles on the road towards our promise. The contentious wells of Esek and Sitnah tend to drain the life out of us rather than providing any refreshment. Their waters are bitter they are the hard places where we are most tempted to quit.

But the lesson here is simple: We must keep walking by faith, even when we feel trapped in Philistine territory. We must keep trudging ahead. We must go over the next hill. We must turn the next corner. There is a Rehoboth in sight!

Rehoboth means “broad place,” and it refers to the land of inheritance that only God can give and that the enemy cannot steal from you. The Philistines did not contend for Rehoboth. God kept them away.

Many of us have felt stalled in the dry places. This year has not been easy. You may feel that the devil has been contending for your family, friends, finances, ministry or your health. He threw all this discouragement at you to stop you from advancing. But I have learnt at the course of time that you can use them instead as your staircases to destiny.

No matter how much we want to cling unto it or its memories we will admit 2020 now is already history. It is almost completed, soon going to be over, and will be gone forever;  but the expedient thing  to do at the moment will be to prepare towards the coming year, 2021 by  patiently waiting upon the Lord expecting a change of course, for He said He shall mount you up as eagle.

I want to prophesy to you: Keep going! Do not camp at the wells of contention! There is a Rehoboth down the road, and it is not only a place of spiritual fulfillment but also a garden of intimacy with God. Press into this New Year with faith and expect the Lord to fulfill His promise, and do not walk into 2021 without any spiritual insurance!!!

Written by: Omaku Adamu

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