To set goals is one thing but to set worthwhile and achievable goals is another, if you must achieve your goals you must consider this five golden principles to setting proper and achievable goals: 1. Set goals that motivate you What is your motivation?  Find things that motivate you and set your goals around them.Continue reading “SIX GOLDEN PRINCIPLES TO GOAL SETTING/ACHIEVEMENT”

Caved Mind; Why I didn’t say

LAST DAY✨(CLIMAX) I TOLD!So before you ask me to speakmake sure you are not asking meto put a rope on my kneck so it cracksmake sure the safety you promiseIs not a lone den of afflictionmake sure justice holds it’s definitionmake sure Justice is not lost infinding why Instead of who! NB: Most domestic violenceContinue reading “Caved Mind; Why I didn’t say”


There are sounds we hear!From distant lands in cold nightsin daylights and in our motherlandof cracks, bullets and raging rafflesof trembling feet consumed by the fearyet daring to draw their swordswhile we cross our arms in comfort There are stories of men!whose bravery knows no boundwho dared death with cloned armorswho did not die butContinue reading ““I KNOW THE STORY!””

Black Woman

Black Woman; by Leopold Senghor Naked woman, black woman Clothed with your colour which is life,with your form which is beauty! In your shadow I have grown up; thegentleness of your hands was laid over my eyes. And now, high up on the sun-bakedpass, at the heart of summer, at the heart of noon,I comeContinue reading “Black Woman”

Caved Mind; Why I didn’t say

DAY ELEVEN✨ I TOLD;As I did I became the enemya paint to decorate their placardsa mere tag that trends the mediawhile I told the searched so hardwhy a heart that loved so hardhas grown as ice in the wintertrying so hard point out how I triggeredhis cowardice and insecuritieslike rain their unsolicited accusationan open graveContinue reading “Caved Mind; Why I didn’t say”