Do you know? The Effect of Sickle cell disease on family members and caregivers in Nigeria.

Sickle Cell Disease (SCD), the most common genetic disorder amongst Black people, poses a significant psychosocial burden on the sufferers, the caregivers and their families. According to the UN, globally an estimated 5, 000,000 are born every year with this condition and sadly half of them will die before their fifth birthday…


Should I and my partner have Genotype tests before starting a relationship or family?

Do you know?
While love is a great thing to consider one very important yet often neglected factor that need to be considered is Genotype; its effect is for a life time.
A certain combination of Genotype would lead to the birth of children with SCD (Sickle Cell Anemia). The Sickle Cell is named after the Farmer’s tool called Sickle because….