Silence is Golden but Silence is also Acceptance!!!

Silence is not always golden or else everyone would be slain and when our throat are being slit there would be no one left to speak out for us…

When Silence Is NOT Golden … — Filosofa’s Word

There is an old saying that, “Silence is golden”. Sometimes that may well be true … I utter that line frequently when Trump is heard going off on another of his many tangents. But, there are times when silence is criminal. Last week, as you all know, a man by the name of George Floyd […]Continue reading “When Silence Is NOT Golden … — Filosofa’s Word”

Child Rights; The Need to Create Safe Space for Children

Children form an important part of our population, in recent times, the rate of child rights violation and violence against children have increased greatly, children are put under degrading treatment and poor conditions of livelihood. Around the world, one out of five children lives in extreme poverty, living on less than US$1.90 a day…

How I Ruined My Birthday Surprise

Whose fault was it really ? For everyone who waited for this post, I just want to start by saying sorry it wasn’t a proposal or probably what you where thinking okay but hey!!!! for waiting this long you have proven that patience is also your virtue okay, cheers!!!. I started racking my brain oneContinue reading “How I Ruined My Birthday Surprise”