Born in a middle class neighborhood, Rukky, like other kids born there, had most of nature’s finest feel to themselves. Was it the orchard where they could pluck ripe fruits to eat? The mountains where they could go playing their hide and seek games or the streams just at the foot of the mountain that served as a pool for the kids? It was nature at its purest, as if a gift from God to the children, but, unlike the others, Rukky, from a very tender age was prevented from joining her peers in the escapades. Always on jackets. At a point, she never understood why…

My Mother’s Husband

“Please help me” she called out with a feint hysterical voice, “I wish someone would save me she whispered” but no one heard because she was calling out only in her head, it was a cry only for the mind, her world has grown so dark, she was like a child in an abandoned thick cabin at the corner of this large world. She was in a dark room beneath a man, not just an ordinary man…

Angel’s Trumpet

They say love is beautiful, charming and adorable but to Richey love is like a black magic casted on her. The young seemingly fleshy, fair lady on tattered cloth sat, renting her body to the cemented surface littered with flies attracted by the rain that fell that day, her eyes were red and swollen as if they had encountered pepper from repeated sessions of bathing her chin with the rivers vomited by the socket above her nose, after a while, she stood up walking to and fro with her hands on her head and wailing, she had Carter flowing from her nose complementing the tears that found solace on her chin.

Dark Valantine( unforgettable experience)

I stood right in front of my mirror looking at my reflection, I couldn’t believe I was finally going to meet this awesome person,i praised God for this day because it gave me an opportunity to finally meet him in person,i hurriedly readjusted my gown,about the gown am wearing,am a lover of fashion so IContinue reading “Dark Valantine( unforgettable experience)”

Am The Reflection Of My Own Self.

Aha! Where is your dad now?,Where are all the promises that was made to you?,where is your dream,your career,where are those people whom you were their mentors? .you who was every child’s,woman and peers dream has become an object of pity. everything disappeared in a flash, you who had everything can barely feed yourself ,youContinue reading “Am The Reflection Of My Own Self.”