DAY SIX✨ I once asked my motherwhat a heroine was?my heart grew cold as she unveiled it;a tireless absorber sucking inall as it unfoldsfor patience, endurance and long sufferingis a medal only brave women holdExcerpt© Akatiki NB: We encourage abuse when we define bravery for a woman by our words or actions to mean enduringContinue reading “CAVED MIND”

When Silence Is NOT Golden … — Filosofa’s Word

There is an old saying that, “Silence is golden”. Sometimes that may well be true … I utter that line frequently when Trump is heard going off on another of his many tangents. But, there are times when silence is criminal. Last week, as you all know, a man by the name of George Floyd […]Continue reading “When Silence Is NOT Golden … — Filosofa’s Word”