GUEST POST Most people have heard or have frequently used the idiom, “a ticking time bomb”, but how much do you understand about it? Here is a question for you;Can you excuse the human torture under any guise? I’m sure the answer is No.But, the police are holding a suspect who has the details ofContinue reading “A TICKING TIME BOMB”

Do you know? The Effect of Sickle cell disease on family members and caregivers in Nigeria.

Sickle Cell Disease (SCD), the most common genetic disorder amongst Black people, poses a significant psychosocial burden on the sufferers, the caregivers and their families. According to the UN, globally an estimated 5, 000,000 are born every year with this condition and sadly half of them will die before their fifth birthday…

World Sickle Cell Day Update….

CELEBRATING WORLD SICKLE CELL DAY with Adgidzi Akpus Immanuel🥰DO YOU KNOW?While love is a great thing to consider when going into a relationship, one important factor that must be considered yet neglected is Genotype…The effect of this is not faced immediately but in the future by family, friends and Victims…Follow the event on this pageContinue reading “World Sickle Cell Day Update….”