Born in a middle class neighborhood, Rukky, like other kids born there, had most of nature’s finest feel to themselves. Was it the orchard where they could pluck ripe fruits to eat? The mountains where they could go playing their hide and seek games or the streams just at the foot of the mountain that served as a pool for the kids? It was nature at its purest, as if a gift from God to the children, but, unlike the others, Rukky, from a very tender age was prevented from joining her peers in the escapades. Always on jackets. At a point, she never understood why…


Should I and my partner have Genotype tests before starting a relationship or family?

Do you know?
While love is a great thing to consider one very important yet often neglected factor that need to be considered is Genotype; its effect is for a life time.
A certain combination of Genotype would lead to the birth of children with SCD (Sickle Cell Anemia). The Sickle Cell is named after the Farmer’s tool called Sickle because….

World Sickle Cell Day Update….

CELEBRATING WORLD SICKLE CELL DAY with Adgidzi Akpus Immanuel🥰DO YOU KNOW?While love is a great thing to consider when going into a relationship, one important factor that must be considered yet neglected is Genotype…The effect of this is not faced immediately but in the future by family, friends and Victims…Follow the event on this pageContinue reading “World Sickle Cell Day Update….”