Caved Mind

DAY SEVEN✨ My grandmother a heroine definedsucked in until she never breath outa story mum graced without blinkingusing her dreams, will, burning passion,feistiness, her body and now soul as bricksshe built a reputation of submissivenesswhile in every fist across her facemy grandfather dug this foundationshe sojourned the land beyondher hands wide apart as her eyeswhileContinue reading “Caved Mind”

When People Disappoint You!

Do not Give Up in Life When People Disappoint You! Yesterday, we took a walk out with some of my convenant friends and one of them asked asked me how do I handle disappointments from people who eventually appeared contrary to who they initially portrayed. I responded thus, ‘I hadly get disappointed because I rarelyContinue reading “When People Disappoint You!”