Caved Mind

Day Eight ✨ Pain, anxiety and arrogance grewas seed watered bythis heavy grim dark memoriesa hot burning coal my lips heldmemories only time can uprootthe scars behind the eyes are thehardest to healbut make no mistakelove is not two facedso love shouldn’t hurt this much! © Akatiki


DAY SIX✨ I once asked my motherwhat a heroine was?my heart grew cold as she unveiled it;a tireless absorber sucking inall as it unfoldsfor patience, endurance and long sufferingis a medal only brave women holdExcerpt© Akatiki NB: We encourage abuse when we define bravery for a woman by our words or actions to mean enduringContinue reading “CAVED MIND”

Caved Mind

DAY FIVE ✨ We all have stories to tell;Don’t put the blame on mehe painted his weak wordsslim fitted to suit the storyhis cold lips toldhis father’s artifact he wasa manuscript knitted in bitsunfolding how much his fatherspoke loudly in his actionsan excuse weak men feast onbut we all have our stories to telllike aContinue reading “Caved Mind”

Caved mind

Day Three:✨ Second time she visited death untimelyyet blood racing her veinsI was a young lassat the bridge of maturityshe was a long distant from beautyher smile a shining cloud of deceitto shield from the ears of mena story her deemed eyes toldher furry and psalms of regretsa vehicle to remind mehow much she suckedContinue reading “Caved mind”