What does an IMUN entail?

Life-changing experiences ✅Solving global problems ✅International outlook ✅Leadership and collaboration ✅.Want more? 🤩How about free MUN training?Position paper presentation?Expert Q/A session? What else? 🤩We are gifting all IMUN joinees a Certificate of Participation. But this is no ordinary certificate. It’s recognised by the United Nations and the Australian Embassy so you can display it onContinue reading “What does an IMUN entail?”

Have you heard about the International Model United Nations conference?🤷

Let me give you a few tips:🤗International MUN brings youth together from around the world to learn and share ideas from a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds in its Model United Nations conferences and proceed solution to global challenges… https://www.internationalmun.org/RegistrationForm.php?mark=RR2446 Why Should You Attend IMUN Online Conferences ?IMUN Online Conference brings you the rigour,Continue reading “Have you heard about the International Model United Nations conference?🤷”