The woman whose overwhelming personalitymade me a glowing entity,her sweeping beauty like daffodilscause the quivering of mountains and hills. Tell my magnificent motherthe woman whose potentials flung Father farther. Tell her who is beyond measure beautifulbut never forgot to be fruitful. Tell the rose who lived in terrornow as emperor called conqueror. Tell her it’sContinue reading “TELL THIS TO MY MOTHER!”


There are sounds we hear!From distant lands in cold nightsin daylights and in our motherlandof cracks, bullets and raging rafflesof trembling feet consumed by the fearyet daring to draw their swordswhile we cross our arms in comfort There are stories of men!whose bravery knows no boundwho dared death with cloned armorswho did not die butContinue reading ““I KNOW THE STORY!””

Black Woman

Black Woman; by Leopold Senghor Naked woman, black woman Clothed with your colour which is life,with your form which is beauty! In your shadow I have grown up; thegentleness of your hands was laid over my eyes. And now, high up on the sun-bakedpass, at the heart of summer, at the heart of noon,I comeContinue reading “Black Woman”

Caved Mind; Why I didn’t say!

DAY TEN✨ Another story of violence!a repeated anthem the media sangspeak up! Speak up! Speak up!as easy as the words grace their lipsis a mild stone Millions never crossedso died with this stones on their chestthe hand over my mouth is too thickmy weak voice can’t pierceas hard the weight to pullis the one pushContinue reading “Caved Mind; Why I didn’t say!”

Caved Mind

DAY NINE ✨ Another story the media told!my father grip my mum so tightly by her heartby her hands she glorified death with her soulshe didn’t die by his hands but by the wordsthat set her body revolting until she didwhat his hands attempted in futility NB: Domestic violence if it persist can result toContinue reading “Caved Mind”