Caved Mind; Why I didn’t say

LAST DAY✨(CLIMAX) I TOLD!So before you ask me to speakmake sure you are not asking meto put a rope on my kneck so it cracksmake sure the safety you promiseIs not a lone den of afflictionmake sure justice holds it’s definitionmake sure Justice is not lost infinding why Instead of who! NB: Most domestic violenceContinue reading “Caved Mind; Why I didn’t say”

Caved Mind; Why I didn’t say!

DAY TEN✨ Another story of violence!a repeated anthem the media sangspeak up! Speak up! Speak up!as easy as the words grace their lipsis a mild stone Millions never crossedso died with this stones on their chestthe hand over my mouth is too thickmy weak voice can’t pierceas hard the weight to pullis the one pushContinue reading “Caved Mind; Why I didn’t say!”

Caved Mind

DAY NINE ✨ Another story the media told!my father grip my mum so tightly by her heartby her hands she glorified death with her soulshe didn’t die by his hands but by the wordsthat set her body revolting until she didwhat his hands attempted in futility NB: Domestic violence if it persist can result toContinue reading “Caved Mind”

Caved Mind

DAY SEVEN✨ My grandmother a heroine definedsucked in until she never breath outa story mum graced without blinkingusing her dreams, will, burning passion,feistiness, her body and now soul as bricksshe built a reputation of submissivenesswhile in every fist across her facemy grandfather dug this foundationshe sojourned the land beyondher hands wide apart as her eyeswhileContinue reading “Caved Mind”


DAY SIX✨ I once asked my motherwhat a heroine was?my heart grew cold as she unveiled it;a tireless absorber sucking inall as it unfoldsfor patience, endurance and long sufferingis a medal only brave women holdExcerpt© Akatiki NB: We encourage abuse when we define bravery for a woman by our words or actions to mean enduringContinue reading “CAVED MIND”