Caved Mind

DAY FIVE ✨ We all have stories to tell;Don’t put the blame on mehe painted his weak wordsslim fitted to suit the storyhis cold lips toldhis father’s artifact he wasa manuscript knitted in bitsunfolding how much his fatherspoke loudly in his actionsan excuse weak men feast onbut we all have our stories to telllike aContinue reading “Caved Mind”

Caved mind

Day Three:✨ Second time she visited death untimelyyet blood racing her veinsI was a young lassat the bridge of maturityshe was a long distant from beautyher smile a shining cloud of deceitto shield from the ears of mena story her deemed eyes toldher furry and psalms of regretsa vehicle to remind mehow much she suckedContinue reading “Caved mind”

Caved mind

DAY FOUR✨ Abuse wear different shades and shapessome days his tight grip a necklacechoking the life out of herhis punches lullaby putting her to sleepother days his words as stenchan invisible flame;choking her mindsuffocating heruntil she saw her worthinessOnly through his wordsa drum of words to drowna generation in wholeshe drowned aloneSometimes it was thatContinue reading “Caved mind”


Day One:The first time mum died;a corpse with lungs filled with airmy feeble eyes dazzling like the starssaw through my confinehis hands a cuff around her neckan over-weighted rockhis blazing red eyesa heated metalburned hard until she hit the grounda stiff dried helpless wood;a smith that mild the soul of feminalMy bones grew to callContinue reading “Caved”