Caved Mind; Why I didn’t say

DAY ELEVEN✨ I TOLD;As I did I became the enemya paint to decorate their placardsa mere tag that trends the mediawhile I told the searched so hardwhy a heart that loved so hardhas grown as ice in the wintertrying so hard point out how I triggeredhis cowardice and insecuritieslike rain their unsolicited accusationan open graveContinue reading “Caved Mind; Why I didn’t say”

Caved Mind

Day Eight ✨ Pain, anxiety and arrogance grewas seed watered bythis heavy grim dark memoriesa hot burning coal my lips heldmemories only time can uprootthe scars behind the eyes are thehardest to healbut make no mistakelove is not two facedso love shouldn’t hurt this much! © Akatiki