Caved Mind; Why I didn’t say

DAY ELEVEN✨ I TOLD;As I did I became the enemya paint to decorate their placardsa mere tag that trends the mediawhile I told the searched so hardwhy a heart that loved so hardhas grown as ice in the wintertrying so hard point out how I triggeredhis cowardice and insecuritieslike rain their unsolicited accusationan open graveContinue reading “Caved Mind; Why I didn’t say”

Caved Mind; Why I didn’t say!

DAY TEN✨ Another story of violence!a repeated anthem the media sangspeak up! Speak up! Speak up!as easy as the words grace their lipsis a mild stone Millions never crossedso died with this stones on their chestthe hand over my mouth is too thickmy weak voice can’t pierceas hard the weight to pullis the one pushContinue reading “Caved Mind; Why I didn’t say!”